Innovation with IoT

Here's what you should know if you're primarily aiming to use IoT to improve product features and specs.

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Future-proof Development

Improve and accelerate the development of technology, products, services, processes, and initiatives. Reliably.

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Faster, better, smarter R&D

Discover insights from simulation and testing data to resolve trade-offs, increase performance and prevent project rework.

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New growth engines. Evolved.

Create and evolve new, innovative business models. Hands-on, faster and with less risk and waste.

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Pragmatic change and improvement

Improve organizational performance, get great ideas to stick and prevent change fatigue.

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Stop reading if you've seen this before

Companies developing sophisticated products and services are confronted with increasingly complex challenges.

Improving effectiveness

Maturing technologies, increasingly tough product engineering trade-offs, and yet, diminishing product differentiation?

Mastering complexity

“Impossible” requirements, complex specs, too many parameters and variants, diminishing returns on your R&D investment?

Seeing through jargon

Confused about "Lean" and "Agile", and how to take these ideas beyond manufacturing and into R&D or Product Development?

Overcoming conflicts

Rough execution, unreliable duration and outcomes of your projects, leading to cost, price, quality and time pressure?

Resuming growth

Tired of hearing about "innovation management", considering growing through services, and unsure what to do next?

Becoming excellent

Caught spinning your wheels and burning cash in endless change and improvement initiatives with unclear outcomes?

Isaak Tsalicoglou

This is exactly the kind of challenges I assist with

I am Isaak Tsalicoglou, founder and managing director of noito GmbH. Organizations providing their customers with sophisticated products and services hire me to benefit from actionable advice and pragmatic support in future-proofing their development operations.

The trigger for a first discussion is typically a hunch or realization that what worked well in the past is increasingly ineffective, inefficient, or even inappropriate to achieve new outstanding objectives and breakthroughs.

In everything I have ever undertaken, even before I started noito, I have been establishing new standards of performance. In diverse situations, I have asssisted organizations—including world-class companies such as ABB and Hilti—to resolve challenges of technical, process, organizational and change nature.

I now assist clients to blaze and tread new trails in their development with my trademark, pragmatic approach—and thus achieve great results reliably, repeatedly and always with the business in mind.

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