How We Work

Iteratively, incrementally, collaboratively.

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Learning loops while zooming in and zooming out

Regardless of what we co-develop (technology, process, product, initiative), together, we follow a process of progressively uncovering and closing knowledge gaps based on the 80/20 principle:

  1. Understand the (changing) context
  2. Frontload available (or new) knowledge
  3. Define and (re-)prioritize knowledge gaps
  4. Build and update model increments
  5. Test increments and challenge our assumptions
  6. Return to step 1 (if required).

Simple, collaborative, effective.


Resilient and determined

“What impressed me the most about Isaak was the way he and the team "bounced back" after a challenging first review. It told me a lot about his resilience and determination, not to mention his smarts in creatively solving a difficult problem.”

— Venkatesh, group business development director

What's in it for you?

Achieve faster, better, smoother development.