Isaak Tsalicoglou

Making great things happen—without the hype.

Isaak Tsalicoglou

Resourceful and innovative

“Few people I have met are as bright, quick, and efficient as Isaak. Isaak is a true asset […] innovative, resourceful and with the power and charisma to get things done respectfully.”

— Thomas, senior project manager

Isaak Tsalicoglou

Hello there

I'm Isaak Tsalicoglou, Dipl. Mech. Engineer ETH Zurich and IMD MBA, and founder and managing director of noito GmbH.

Diverse teams and organizations—including world-class companies such as ABB and Hilti—have benefited from my drive for making things better, and firmly established lasting improvements of their development.

While leading and contributing to numerous projects, I have had the good fortune of working with hundreds of great people – around the world, and across functions and hierarchical levels.

A pragmatic, people-oriented approach has enabled me and diverse teams to repeatedly set and transfer new standards in development – for technologies, products, service business models and improvement initiatives.

Three key observations over these years led me to start noito GmbH.

Isaak Tsalicoglou

Inspirational and friendly

“Isaak acts as an inspiration for people to push the boundaries of their creativity and ambition levels. He is one of the most intelligent and friendly people I have met.”

— Amra, automotive group design engineering leader

Three key observations

Developing anything is a search and optimization process.

Similar heuristics can accelerate development of anything—from a product, to a service, to a strategic initiative.

We can only really control our development approach, not its outcomes.

Innovation can't be managed—but we can manage how we create and amplify intrinsic value, differentiation and value perception.

Creating lasting change requires low-key behavioral disruption.

Behavioral disruption can't be enforced—it has to spread easily and virally. Our job as change leaders is to facilitate it.


Skillful and business-minded

“Mr. Tsalicoglou manifested a marked sensitivity to business and cross-functional aspects. With his good negotiating skills, he was capable of developing appropriate solutions that were acceptable to all parties, no matter how tense the situation. He was very skillful at passing on his knowledge and know-how.”

— Luca, process management department leader

Leading change and improvement

Before starting noito GmbH, I was with Hilti, implementing new and improved operational capabilities to manage an expansive portfolio of both tangible and service products and systems.

As a dynamic change agent, I led numerous strategic projects with stakeholders spanning functions and locations across Europe, North America and Asia. Partnering with stakeholders in all business units, I assisted Hilti to further differentiate products and services, enhance its direct customer contact, and achieve operational improvements in teams around the world.


A source of motivation and learning

“I was fortunate to have Isaak guide me […]. His constant support […] led me to explore new ideas that eventually materialized into a successful project! Professionally, he has been a great source of motivation for me and I have learned a great deal in his presence.”

— Shehjar, simulation software development engineer

Turbocharging research and development capabilities

I started my career at ABB, where I developed technology and components of industrial goods for outstanding performance and reliability, and further improved the company's R&D capabilities in the face of market turbulence and increased competition.

By designing and implementing tailor-made, data-driven, set-based development approaches, I helped myself and colleagues to overcome diminishing returns on R&D investment, multiply productivity, accelerate problem-solving, enhance its impact on product lines, and safeguard the company's technology and market leadership.


Thoughtful, creative, and adaptable

“Isaak offers a rare combination of thoughtful intelligence, a rigorous scientific approach, and fearless creativity. […] he never stopts questioning, challenging, and adapting. There aren't too many people I could recommend as highly.”

— Olivia, consultant and researcher

Isaak Tsalicoglou

Intellectual honesty and curiosity

I graduated with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich, and hold an MBA degree with Honors from IMD business school in Lausanne. There, I also served three companies as a consultant, and now act as an external research associate.

We can communicate in fluent English, German, Greek, and in basic Italian. My skills in public speaking and presenting complex topics to audiences have been honed by training hundreds of professionals worldwide in cutting-edge development competencies, processes and methods.

You can follow me on LinkedIn, Xing and Twitter.


Responsible, inquisitive and honest

“Isaak is not afraid of openly questioning the status quo, suggesting (sometimes radically) new approaches, but then also willing to take the responsibility to sell, pilot and introduce them. Besides his friendliness, honesty and openness, this is why I appreciated so much our collaboration.”

— Christoph, technical marketing group leader and entrepreneur

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