Why work with Isaak

Because good ideas deserve a pragmatic, business-minded approach.

5+1 reasons

Pragmatism, agility, clarity, collaboration, co-development, and value-focus.

1. I favor a pragmatic, 80/20-inspired approach.

I work with an agile mindset, regularly adapting to new insights to identify and accomplish the select few measures with the largest impact.

2. I am not restricted to any specific methodology.

I pick-and-choose fitting elements from various methodologies to navigate the complexity of your challenge with your objectives in mind.

3. I pursue clarity for everyone impacted.

I simplify and amplify, avoiding jargon. I act as a sparring partner, challenge the status quo respectfully, and bring in a fresh perspective.

4. I align interfaces to reduce ambiguity.

I engage all pertinent experts with sensible effort, and orchestrate a process to achieve alignment towards common overarching goals.

5. I co-develop with your team to make results stick.

I build on the creativity and expertise of your teams, integrating them into the project, thus ensuring that the outcome is "Invented Here".

6. I am focused on the return on your investment.

All of my projects are fixed-fee, aiming at a high return of the fees in value by focusing on objectives, instead of a "running meter".


Able to build effective alliances to get the job done

“Isaak has been successful in implementing the changes thanks to his ability to craft and sharpen the "why". Isaak is a very driven individual who can build effective alliances to get the job done. His passion and his "can do" attitude are his trademarks.”

— Aude, portfolio marketing and life cycle manager

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Why not bring in an army of consultants?

Because creating lasting change and improvement is not about conquering perceptions by intellectual intimidation.

Isaak's pragmatic approach goes beyond frameworks and buzzwords to really get to what matters: achieve objectives that contribute to business goals.

His experience and achieved results indicate that achieving new standards of performance requires fresh insights and tangible and emotional investments to act upon them. However, these do not always primarily require additional resources.

Very often, they simply require tapping into and redeploying the latent success factors of the organization—such as the talents, expertise and knowledge of its people on all hierarchical levels, as well as assistance in questioning outdated "generally-accepted truths" that are limiting performance.

Hence, Isaak's projects do not rely on an "army of externals" descending upon the organization. Instead, Isaak respectfully and dynamically engages relevant stakeholders and knowledge owners across several functions to achieve clarity for everyone involved.


Business-minded and skillful

“Mr. Tsalicoglou manifested a marked sensitivity to business and cross-functional aspects. With his good negotiating skills, he was capable of developing appropriate solutions that were acceptable to all parties, no matter how tense the situation. He was very skillful at passing on his knowledge and know-how.”

— Luca, process management department leader

How do we work with teams?

Iteratively, incrementally, entrepreneurially.

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