Data-Driven Development

For some, the future of R&D operations. For noito, the present.

Achieve more with less and unlock hidden potential

Data-Driven Development by noito enables you to overcome diminishing returns of product development operations and push the envelope of technical product differentiation, by using insights from simulation and testing data, instead of slow and costly R&D based on trial-and-error and pure engineering intuition.

Increase ROI of R&D operations

Overcome diminishing returns of R&D for complex and mature technologies.

Unlock hidden product performance

Understand and crack tough trade-offs and discover unexpected solutions.

Reinforce product differentiation

Achieve clarity of requirements, delight your customers, and shock the competition.

Incremental trial-and-error and expert intuition can only get us so far

Maturing technology, increasing system complexity and tons of underutilized data. These factors turn classical development approaches into self-sustaining competitive disadvantages, and clear the path for disruption by good-enough competitors.

Maturing technologies and products lead to diminishing returns of R&D effort

As requirements increase, and technologies mature and ride up their respective S-curve, development teams have to make an increasingly tough choice of major business impact. »

Increasing system complexity makes it challenging to find truly optimal solutions

As components and product systems are pushed to their limits for increased performance, the potential of each parameter to significantly influence outcomes all by itself is rapidly depleted. »

Understanding large numbers of parameters is limited by our cognition and intuition

The human mind cannot visualize the impact and interactions of the double-digit number parameters in complex systems, causing engineers to extrapolate from past experiences and intuition. »

Testing and simulation deliver underutilized, high-quality information, at high cost

Many R&D organizations push for less testing and more simulation, with the hopes of slashing material and labor costs, and reducing lead times for product qualification. »

Data-Driven Development goes beyond trial-and-error and intuition

The time is ripe for an entirely different approach to development that goes beyond trial-end-error, utilizing pattern recognition to support engineers' intuition and leverage their experience to unlock hidden performance reserves.

noito DDD process

From searching with a torch, to searching with a satellite

In implementing Data-Driven Development, noito engages technical experts and utilizes data from simulation and testing to build sophisticated models. These deliver insights that help the team drive an incremental and iterative search process.

The process guides the team to progressively move away from suboptimal results, and to converge to usable and often unexpected solutions.

The best part? Since the foundation of noito Data-Driven Development is an 80/20 approach, the process delivers insights early and repeatedly.

alpine forest

Seeing the forest, as well as the trees

Good engineering intuition and experience are valuable elements that have traditionally helped engineering teams achieve great results. However, even the best experts struggle to grasp the impact of typically more than 3 or 4 different parameters on the system performance.

Data-Driven Development supports and enhances experts' intuition and experience by helping them to "see the whole" and grasp parameters and performance relations that are beyond the human brain's cognitive abilities.

And, once enough insights have been generated, it enables experts to "zoom in", examine the system details to truly optimize system performance, and deepen their expertise.

agile aircraft

Achieving true development agility

Data-Driven Development delivers re-usable knowledge in the form of trade-off curves of the component being developed. The more the components developed with this approach, the more the entire system is described in terms of the team's knowledge of key engineering trade-offs.

Increasing this knowledge steadily reveals more of the product's true performance envelope. Knowing the impact and interactions of the system parameters enables teams to work on "sets" of conceptual solutions that can be adjusted flexibly with much less effort, when requirements inevitably change.

The result of this optionality is true agility of development, and an immense reduction of development effort that is compounded with every new development project.

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