Change Minus The Hype

Avoid "burning platforms" and lead change pragmatically and entrepreneurially.

Lead and enable the change you wish to see in your organization

noito's pragmatic approach to organizational change and improvement circumvents unnecessary hype and enables organizations of any size to adapt to changing circumstances, prevent change fatigue and cynicism and keep people engaged and interested in the journey, instead of relying on top-down push and tiring propaganda communication campaigns.

Make change initiatives work

Less confusion, more involvement and better results faster, thanks to treating initiatives like internal startups.

Generate solutions to bottlenecks

Better alignment on what needs to be done, thanks to vigorous debate in efficient and engaging workshops.

Get great ideas to stick

Less skepticism and more curiosity, thanks to interactive and mentally-stimulating training sessions.

Explore what has been possible, again and again

"Nobody wants to be sold; but everyone wants to buy."

Truly sustainable change and improvement results from understanding that nobody wants to be sold—instead we take key concepts, ideas and methods for improved performance, "package" them in an evolving business model, and get it to go viral within the organization.

The hype cycle, minus the hype

Pragmatic change requires dynamically balancing maturity and visibility

Change and improvement initiatives are often launched and communicated with much fanfare. The unstated assumption is that increasing awareness of a new idea/concept (through what amounts to aggressive advertising) will lead faster to its adoption and to improved outcomes.

In reality, each initiative risks going through its own "hype cycle", with the detrimental effect of too much talk and too little walk for a very long time. This mismatch between the maturity of the initiative (and of the results it delivers, e.g. in pilot projects) and the visibility it has in the organization predictably causes disappointment, absorbs management attention without delivering results, and risks disenfranchising stakeholders who could have otherwise been supportive.

In helping you to implement pragmatic change Minus The Hype with well-timed application of different services, noito applies the viewpoint of agile marketing, instead of aggressive sales. By treating each initiative like a behaviorally disruptive technology in an internal, regulated market, we dynamically manage the "market penetration" of the key concepts to avoid the hype cycle.

Some of the results of the noito approach are: less hype, less skepticism triggered through ideas that seem too good to be true, deeper understanding of the targeted benefits, higher acceptance and, often, better outcomes achieved wider across functions, and faster.

Change Minus The Hype integrates development, training, problem-solving and change management

Initiative Productization

Productize, develop and launch change and improvement initiatives entrepreneurially and focused on results. »

Initiative Portfolio Streamlining

Assess your initiatives, identify gaps and overlaps, simplify your portfolio, and reach results faster and more effectively. »

Group Problem-Solving

Engage stakeholders in diagnosing and solving problems of process and organizational nature creatively. »

Upskilling and Development

Train, upskill, and develop expertise on product lifecycle concepts, processes, methods and challenges. »

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