Researching & Developing Value

A handbook for those aiming to create more business impact through smarter R&D work

25 short and to-the-point essays on practical ideas, such as: mapping, rethinking and communicating the value you create; capturing, sharing and reusing knowledge; organizing and structuring your work; defining and solving problems; deciding what to automate; negotiating trade-offs.

Work In Progress. Target publication: Q2/2017


Pragmatic Change and Improvement

Proven principles and tactics for dynamic, pragmatic, business-minded change agents

Distilled experiences and principles in crafting, starting, rebooting and leading change and improvement initiatives, expanding on topics such as: agile, entrepreneurial approaches for change; non-adversarial stakeholder engagement; collaborative tools to create clarity; going beyond change management frameworks.

Work In Progress. Target publication: Q3/2017

Improvement insights for pragmatists

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