Learning and Development

Helping people to bridge the knowing-doing gap


Bridge the knowing-doing gap

Over the past years Isaak has developed, customized and delivered trainings for business leadership teams, functional department and group leaders, researchers, development and testing engineers, project managers, product managers, supply chain and quality managers.

The themes of Isaak's learning and development programs include the myths and realities of leading product development, dealing with the pitfalls of project management, managing requirements in a practical manner, and developing services using agile concepts.


A proactive and agile team-player

“Isaak showed me how to develop service products in an agile manner - he provided training on result-oriented processes and substantial support with innovation methods that helped me achieve my targets. From the first minute I was able to see Isaak as an example of proactivity, innovation, development, team work and motivation. It was a pleasure for me to work with him. ”

— Jose, service product manager

Hundreds of professionals trained globally


Professionals in diverse roles in Europe, North America and Asia have benefitted from Isaak's flair for distilling complex ideas, organizational insights and strategic direction into highly-engaging, intellectually-stimulating training session programs, in order to, e.g.:

  • Stretch and question assumptions, and reduce resistance to adopting new mindsets and acquiring new competencies.
  • Generate curiosity in new concepts that are necessary for performance and growth, stir debate on how to put them into practice, and transmit practical experience and know-how to do so.
  • Identify and create champions of new ideas to propel the organization forward, and support them in acquiring new skills.


Responsible, inquisitive and honest

“Isaak is not afraid of openly questioning the status quo, suggesting (sometimes radically) new approaches, but then also willing to take the responsibility to sell, pilot and introduce them. Besides his friendliness, honesty and openness, this is why I appreciated so much our collaboration.”

— Christoph, technical marketing group leader and entrepreneur

Stay adaptable and up-to-date


All training programs can be adapted according to your organization, in order to make them congruent with its history, culture and strategic aspirations—and, therefore, more impactful.

Have a training program that has gotten outdated and ineffective? Isaak can help you re-evaluate its concept, delivery method and concept, update and further develop it to address new targets.

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