Speaking and Workshops

Engage audiences, ignite discussion, inspire confidence


Energize professionals for change and improvement

Isaak delivers authentic presentations and keynote speeches, in order to, e.g.:

  • Create "aha moments" and stir constructive debate to get stagnating initiatives unstuck.
  • Bridge the gap between business functions and invite collaboration to establish improvements.
  • Energize audiences to explore complex challenges, create common understanding and address opportunities.


Thoughtful, creative, and adaptable

“Isaak offers a rare combination of thoughtful intelligence, a rigorous scientific approach, and fearless creativity. […] he never stopts questioning, challenging, and adapting. There aren't too many people I could recommend as highly.”

— Olivia, consultant and researcher

Major themes of keynote speeches

20-45 minutes of intellectual buzz on R&D, product and service development, innovating with entrepreneurial methods, pragmatic change and improvement, e.g.:

The limits of automation in development

How to prevent technological advances from paradoxically eroding development capabilities.

What's next after "innovation management"?

How to go beyond the "leaky funnel" to pursue something that can't be predicted or managed.

Adapt and adopt great ideas without hype

Why simply copying ideas like Lean or Agile from a book doesn't work, and what to do about it.

Continuous improvement is not a project

How business leaders can answer the call for improvement with entrepreneurial inspiration.

The disruption of the development engineer

How development engineers can outgrow their pure engineering roots to create more business value.

Pragmatic change beyond burning platforms

How change agents can make things happen despite a lack of budget, authority, or sense of urgency.


Knowledgeable and engaging

“Isaak […] has a breadth of knowledge on various topics and is keen to debate and discuss to identify appropriate ways forward. Furthermore, his strong conceptualization skills and ability to design and run engaging workshops are among the best I have experienced.”

— Thomas, senior project manager

Put the "work" in "workshop"


Furthermore, Isaak designs and facilitates engaging workshops that achieve cross-functional alignment, efficient problem-solving, and clear direction for teams. A typical workshop consists of 4 to 8 strongly-facilitated hours that truly put the "work" in "workshop".

Overarching themes include resolving cross-functional misunderstandings, overcoming process bottlenecks, achieving clarity on what needs to be done, and aligning strategic initiatives with operational improvements.

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