Creating a plan to address product launch inefficiencies

A success story of Group Problem-Solving.

Engaging marketing and logistics stakeholders in group problem-solving to understand how to reduce waste in product launch planning.

Planning the launch of a product across global markets requires tight collaboration between the marketing and logistics functions. This collaboration helps to ensure product availability in every location, without stocking unnecessary inventories.

Due to long and static lead-times in the supply chain, this challenge grows quickly when the distribution network of the company is geographically extensive. Late changes to unit sales figures by marketing lead to high effort for logistics to recalculate, adjust and communicate the pipeline fill plan. Moreover, the fact that the distribution network changes over time makes the creation of ad-hoc templates insufficient to address this need.

This was the situation that this professional equipment supplier was facing for years when aligning the supply and demand side for product launch planning across direct sales and retail locations around the world. Additionally, new strategic requirements on operational excellence and new KPIs posed new boundary conditions on the stakeholders' range of actions.

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