Demystifying Requirements Engineering and Management

A success story of Upskilling and Development.

Increasing curiosity and openness of participants to experiment with new ideas in product development projects.

Requirements Engineering and Management (RE/RM) is a complicated, dry, topic, but it isn't as complicated as many think. To the detriment of project performance, however, RE/RM is often used by-the-book. Companies thus end up importing many peculiarities that are specific to industries (such as automotive, aerospace and medtech) depending on full strictness of its application for regulatory and safety purposes. In such situations, RE/RM's benefits can end up not justifying the immense effort expended to apply it.

This professional equipment supplier had had an initiative on RE/RM on its portfolio for more than seven years. After lukewarm reception, the organization had attempted to push it through teams through management pressure. It was looking to start rolling out this new approach across different business units.

The specific context of this company was, however, that prior experiences in pilot projects with a strongly process-driven approach to RE/RM had delivered the benefit of increased clarity on requirements, with a disproportionate increase in management effort. Management pressure was doomed to fail, and a new approach was needed.

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