Developing a new process landscape for services

A success story of Initiative Productization.

Enabling a mature organization to develop new capabilities and processes for the development of service products.

Developing services is in many ways similar to any product, and in other ways radically different. Intangible service experiences are simultaneously easier to develop than technologically-driven hardware products, as well as harder due to the subjective nature of a service experience. This makes evaluating progress much more "fuzzy" and uncertain.

This professional equipment supplier needed to build the capability to reliably develop, launch and manage differentiated, chargeable service products that increase customer engagement, differentiate the hardware product portfolio, and potentially serve as new engines of profitable growth.

Such capabilities would enable the supplier to turn its new, ambitious corporate strategy into reality. To do so, it was necessary to break the mold of its established capabilities and track record in developing and launching tangible products, and turn new ways of thinking into actionable processes.

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