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Resilient and determined

“ What impressed me the most about Isaak was the way he and the team "bounced back" after a challenging first review. It told me a lot about his resilience and determination, not to mention his smarts in creatively solving a difficult problem.”

— Venkatesh, group business development director


Goal-oriented and integrative

“I appreciated Isaak's goal-oriented working style when moving from strategy to operation, aligning technology development to business and product development […]. It was a great pleasure to work with Isaak!”

— Davor, medical technology start-up co-founder


Customer-oriented and collaborative

“Isaak […] provided me with precious guidance, inspiration and support to develop professional services […] focusing in what matters most – addressing the customer’s needs. With the help of his knowledge on agile / result-oriented processes, we are able to break through the usual standardized product development processes and bring to life a service vision in record time, with full success and appraisal from the project peers.”

— Rodrigo, global product manager


Business-minded and skillful

“Mr. Tsalicoglou manifested a marked sensitivity to business and cross-functional aspects. With his good negotiating skills, he was capable of developing appropriate solutions that were acceptable to all parties, no matter how tense the situation. He was very skillful at passing on his knowledge and know-how.”

— Luca, process management department leader


Inspirational, intelligent and friendly

“Isaak acts as an inspiration for people to push the boundaries of their creativity and ambition levels. He is one of the most intelligent and friendly people I have met.”

— Amra, automotive group design engineering leader


A source of motivation and learning

“I was fortunate to have Isaak guide me […]. His constant support […] led me to explore new ideas that eventually materialized into a successful project! Professionally, he has been a great source of motivation for me and I have learned a great deal in his presence.”

— Shehjar, simulation software development engineer


A proactive and agile team-player

“Isaak showed me how to develop service products in an agile manner - he provided training on result-oriented processes and substantial support with innovation methods that helped me achieve my targets. From the first minute I was able to see Isaak as an example of proactivity, innovation, development, team work and motivation. It was a pleasure for me to work with him. ”

— Jose, service product manager


Able to build effective alliances to get the job done

“Isaak has been successful in implementing the changes thanks to his ability to craft and sharpen the "why". Isaak is a very driven individual who can build effective alliances to get the job done. His passion and his "can do" attitude are his trademarks.”

— Aude, portfolio marketing and life cycle manager


Resourceful and innovative

“Few people I have met are as bright, quick, and efficient as Isaak. Isaak is a true asset […] innovative, resourceful and with the power and charisma to get things done respectfully.”

— Thomas, senior project manager


Responsible, inquisitive and honest

“Isaak is not afraid of openly questioning the status quo, suggesting (sometimes radically) new approaches, but then also willing to take the responsibility to sell, pilot and introduce them. Besides his friendliness, honesty and openness, this is why I appreciated so much our collaboration.”

— Christoph, technical marketing group leader and entrepreneur


Solution-oriented and accomodating to changes

“Due to his excellent, quick grasp of concepts, Mr. Tsalicoglou recognized problems immediately and acted in a solution-oriented manner. He was very accommodating to changes. […] With his highly helpful and reliable nature, he integrated well into teams.”

— Bent, head of industrial goods component development


Thoughtful, creative, and adaptable

“Isaak offers a rare combination of thoughtful intelligence, a rigorous scientific approach, and fearless creativity. […] he never stopts questioning, challenging, and adapting. There aren't too many people I could recommend as highly.”

— Olivia, consultant and researcher

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