Training agile concepts for service development

A success story of Upskilling and Development.

Introducing agile ideas in a low-key, low-risk manner by developing and delivering a global hands-on training.

Many companies, and even classical hardware manufacturers, are becoming increasingly aware of the potentially beneficial impact of agile approaches in product development. However, an "agile transformation" is a risky endeavor that involves a lot of change with a very wide functional reach.

This professional equipment supplier was introducing a new project management framework for agile product development, and wanted to achieve two further goals: 1) introduce service-relevant stakeholders to the new development approach, and 2) utilize a training program on those aspects as the proving grounds of agile concepts for any employees interested to experiment with and adopt them, even for hardware product development.

Old, presentation-driven, academic-style training approaches would be entirely misplaced. A new approach was needed to instill new ideas and drive motivation for their adoption and productive use.

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